July 18th! The Indiana Cup Is at River City Fencing!

Paul Geraci

I just got off the phone with Maestro Paul Geraci.  He has made arrangements with the Indiana Division for River City Fencing to host the Indiana Cup!  This means that fencers all across the state will have the opportunity to see our new salle at Faith West Community Center.

Paul will also try and schedule a youth event.  This will be an excellent opportunity for younger fencers to compete with others their age and skill level.

Stay tuned for more details, but put Saturday, July 18th on your calendar and plan to participate.           MB

Make the Most of Your Time at the Salle!



Fencing is not a sport that is easy to practice at home.  In fact, you really need to belong to a salle (AKA club) just to advance your interest and skills in fencing.  This may be obvious, but there another thought to go with that–fencing time, at many clubs, is expensive.  This is not true at River City Fencing, but in New York City or Chicago fencing time can be out of sight.

My other thought is that even if fencing time is cheap it is special. Since you can’t fence at home fencers need to use all the time they have to fence and improve their skills.  There is just no other place to do it than in the salle.

So read the link above and come to practice at River City Fencing ASAP.  And use your time wisely!

The Rise of Rigid Protection

images images-1

I fenced for many years before I began to seriously study all the gear that was available.  As for rigid protection I knew that women were required to wear the gear pictured in the lower photo.  But I never thought that men would wear the rigid protection that you pictured on top.  Frankly, I felt bad for the ladies because I thought this necessary piece was not and uncomfortable.

In the last few years, I have an increasing number of boys telling me that they don’t like to get hit with the tip.  It can hurt.  A coach might shrug and reply, “Then don’t get hit.”  However, I also saw the boys shrinking away from the incoming point and cover their chests with their arms.  Of course, that’s a bad thing.

So, more and more, I’m suggesting parents purchase rigid protection for their youngsters boys and girls.  Even if they don’t use it forever it helps them concentrate on the lesson and not the fear of getting poked too hard.

Rigid protection is not just for youngster either.  I’ve know a couple adult men who prefer the rigid protection for fear of getting a rib broken.  While this is unlikely, it is something to consider.  Who needs broken ribs?  So, use the rigid protection if you’d like.  Hot and sweaty thought it may be, it does provide protection from hard touches.    MB