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River City Fencing Instructors

Mark Brandyberry
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Mark Brandyberry is the President of River City Fencing and holds the Monitor de Fleuret certification in foil instruction.  Mark is an original member of River City Fencing with nearly 12 years fencing experience.  Member USFA, USFCA


Maitre Paul Geraci is an “A rated” epee fencer and  a Maitre d’ Epee–a title awarded him in August 2012 from the United States Fencing Coaches Association.  Paul’s family sports a pedigree of fencing masters beginning in Sicily generations ago.  Member USFCA, USFA


Member United States Fencing Coaches Association


Peter Gray, Minister of Finance

Peter Gray has been a long-time member of River City Fencing.  Peter acts as our Minister of Finance (treasurer).

Member USFA    


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