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River City Fencing is Back in Business!

River City Fencing fencers, families and friends:  River City Fencing is back in business.

You are welcome to join in the fencing fun.  Bring your COVID mask.  We are fencing with our COVID masks underneath the fencing mask.  This will reduce risks, and keep people healthy.

Guests and people wanting to try fencing…

We are not allowed to store “loaner equipment” on site.  We do have them, but you need to make “an appointment.”  Just text Mark Brandyberry and tell me if your fencer is “small, medium or large.”  Text Mark Brandyberry at 765-337-2001.  We can make arrangements for your visit.

Otherwise you are welcome to watch the club.  Come in and see if fencing is right for you or your children.








Monday, March 23, 2020

As of this evening River City Fencing is temporarily CLOSED. Governor Holcomb has declared a “stay at home order” and we will abide by it. Please, stay in touch. I expect this will continue until early April 2020.

Our River City Fencing Facebook page is easier to update, so watch that for immediate news. https://www.facebook.com/rivercityfencing/



River City Fencing is brainchild of Coach Will Read.  As member of Purdue University’s fencing team Mr. Read hoped to bring our sport to Greater Lafayette, Indiana.  Years later River City Fencing is managed by Mark Brandyberry and Paul Geraci.  River City Fencing is established as a leading source of fencing instruction and competition.  Many members are from elementary schools, high schools, home schools and Purdue University.

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The character of our not-for-profit club provides a mix of artful fencing and practical tournament results.  Our sport demands a keen balance of athleticism, mental focus, patience and character.  Sportsmanship, dignity and respect for opponents and members are foundations for our club.

Fencing is a wonderful recreation, and River City Fencing would like to be your introduction to this Olympic sport.  Use our FAQs link to answer many of your initial questions.  If you’d like see if fencing is right for you, your child or your family feel free to join us.

We meet on Monday and Wednesday evenings from 6-8 PM.  As of March 2015 River City Fencing meets at Faith West Community Center in West Lafayette, Indiana 47906.  http://www.faithlafayette.org/west




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