River City Fencing Is Back in Business!

River City Fencing fencers, families and friends:  River City Fencing is back in business.

You are welcome to join in the fencing fun.  Bring all your fencing kit.  Bring your COVID mask.  We are fencing with our COVID masks underneath the fencing mask.  This should reduce risks, and keep people healthy.

Guests and people want to try fencing:  we no longer have “loaner” clothing–masks, jackets, gloves, etc.  This is to reduce any transmission of the virus.  If you need loaner equipment text Mark Brandyberry at 765-337-2001.  We can make arrangements for your visit.

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river city fencing salle

River City Fencing is a private fencing club in West Lafayette, Indiana 47906 USA. We teach foil, epee and may begin teaching saber soon. Recreational club. In March of 2015 River City Fencing moved to Faith West Community Center in West Lafayette.

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